Schools and Districts love Infiniti ILS

Everyday, schools choose Infiniti to provide leading edge Integrated Library Services. 

Infiniti ILS

Concord Infiniti ILS is a breath of fresh air. It’s not a new library product, it’s a school library revolution. A powerful new tool, designed and developed to improve educational outcomes for your school. Ask our experts to take you on a journey through Infiniti via a live demonstration. Demonstrations can are always live and can be booked at a time that best suits you, click here to book your demonstration today.

It’s simple, really

Choosing your next library solution comes down to 3 simple questions…

Will it be used?

No matter which solution you pick as your next library management system, if it isn’t used, what’s the point? Infiniti is engaging for students, simple to use for staff and teachers, and drives immediate results for school libraries. After all, all the features in the world would mean nothing if no one wants to use them.


Will it adapt quickly?

The only constant in our world is change. Technology advances each day and as library professionals we need to be on the forefront of those changes. Is your provider agile enough to adapt quickly in this rapidly changing digital age? Do they anticipate emerging trends and adopt emerging technologies?

Is it secure & reliable?

Ensuring your students’ data is secure and your library solution is available 24/7 is, nowadays, paramount to a successful school library program. Have you chosen a supplier who can ensure higher than 99.99% reliability and who makes use of industry leading security protocols to protect your valuable information?


Engage your students

Empowering your students with a better solution leads to better learning outcomes. 

Engage your users with a solution designed for the connected generation. Improve learning outcomes at your school by having your library achieve the goals of being relevant to the curriculum, and being technologically relevant to your students.
Infiniti delivers measurable outcomes to your school community.


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