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Loads of features. All working in harmony. To re-engage students with the school library.


At Concord, all we want to do is help make libraries relevant again by re-engaging students in curriculum related research. That’s why we keep library management simple - from Infiniti itself being ergonomic technology that engages students, to a raft of easy-to-use, intuitive features that simply make managing a library easier.

Re-engage your students

Extensive customisation
Use your school colours and logo to create a personal portal experience for your students.
Built in the cloud, for the cloud. Guaranteed 99.5% uptime. Auto upgrades and daily backups.
Super secure
Encrypted server and communications, plus single sign on (SSO) integration options.
Overdue notices
Fully automated email notice system saves you hours managing late returns.
Access your library from whatever device, no matter where you are.
Intuitive engaging
Intuitive, familiar, easy. You already have the necessary skills to use it. So do your students.
Federated search
Facilitate research across physical, digital and subscription resources. All from one page.
Comprehensive reports
Report on any data with a few clicks. Refine or broaden results in an instant.
Normal library stuff
Z-cataloguing, circulation, digital curation, maintenance, acquisitions, subscriptions.
IT stuff
SSO, LDAP/S, Active Directory, SAML2.0, Google+, SMTP/S, Regional Linux Cloud.
Integrate with learning management systems, school portals, other web environments.
Data conversion
Free data conversion from your legacy library management system in less than 72 hours.
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engage your students with tailored portals


Regardless of whether your school has one library or multiple libraries, or is single or multi-campus, Infiniti has a suite of customisation options to personalise and enhance each student's experience. Share information with individual students on school-styled information portals. Present each library or campus with different branding and colours to reflect its distinctive character. Apply a theme from the theme library to change fonts, colours, borders, buttons and backgrounds, or upload your own theme to suit your unique requirements.


Cloud-native not cloud-based

upgrades and backups - easy and fast

It's great to be different. Infiniti was built in the cloud, for the cloud - it hasn't been modified to be simply hosted in the cloud like other school library management systems. What's the difference between cloud-native and cloud-based? This makes Infiniti unique in K-12 school library management. Infiniti runs within Amazon AWS data centres and infrastructure.

What does being cloud-native mean to you? It means:

  • lower total cost of ownership ensuring substantial savings for your school when compared with both in-school and cloud-based implementations,

  • regular and timely one hour software upgrades anywhere in the world,

  • comfort knowing your library is always running the latest Infiniti version,

  • guaranteed access to Infiniti for a minimum 99.5% of the school year,

  • responsive help desk support coupled with rapid technical maintenance support,

  • automated daily backups, and proven disaster recovery. Tell me more...


When you move your library to cloud-native Infiniti your total cost of ownership will drop, the quality of your service will improve, and your student engagement will increase. And importantly, your Infiniti will be stored to ensure data sovereignty.


Super secure

certified cloud security

Security and privacy of your students' data are your most critical concerns, and our number one priority. That's why Infiniti is hosted within Amazon AWS data centres. Our guarantee is that your data is stored in compliance with your country's security and privacy legislation.

Researchers suggest that cloud-based school library management systems are actually more secure than on-premise library management systems because cloud providers spend much more time to put security measures in place than schools can do themselves, as this article recently published in the ComputerWorld explains: Public cloud vs. on-premises: Which is more secure?


Authenticate via Active Directory, LDAP/S, SAML2.0, or Google+ eliminating the frustration of multiple password challenges. Not only is your Infiniti cloud space encrypted on AWS, all data communication passes along encrypted data connections.


set and forget automatic messaging


Have you ever wondered how much more time you would have for important tasks if you didn't have to prepare overdue notices? Using Infiniti you won't have to wonder any longer.

The Infiniti intelligent email notice system automates overdue notices and liberates library staff from this mundane and time consuming task. It also automates overdue escalation messages to parents and guardians improving loan return rates.



any device, anywhere, anytime - no more apps


Technology is embedded in today's culture, so it makes sense for your school community to be able to access the school library regardless of the device they use, whether they are at school or at home.

Infiniti is responsive, adaptive to any device and does not require a separate app. This means you, your students and the broader school community can use Infiniti on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops without having to download and manage apps for different devices.

Intuitive interface

nothing new to learn and everything easy to use


Nobody wants to learn how to use a new library management system - so we created a library management system you don't have to learn to use. After you experience your first online demonstration you'll say, "Infiniti looks familiar". That's because it looks and feels just like the modern websites you use every day and it works the way you do - naturally.

Flexible navigation ensures your daily management tasks are quickly and easily completed. Librarians tell us Infiniti is embraced by their library support staff, it engages their students, teachers are using it, and even parents are connecting from home with their children.


You will enjoy using Infiniti from the moment you log in until you go home at the end of the day. Then you will enjoy using it from home in exactly the same way. While Infiniti is easy to use, it doesn't compromise on functionality.

Federated search

all federated results on one page


Is your school investing a lot of money with content providers, but your students don't use all the resources that you have subscribed to?

We've made it easy and engaging for your students to use the resources you've paid for, by taking federated searching one step further with Infiniti. OPAC searches federate across all your subscription sources simultaneously and aggregate the results in separate, readily identifiable tabs on one page. Patrons don't have to leave Infiniti and they aren't required to remember different passwords. Infiniti does all the work for them, on one student and teacher friendly OPAC page.


mine your data with a few clicks


Your data can tell you so much about how your library is being used. Retrieve intricate information with Infiniti's advanced reporting options to help you plan and budget for the future, and to help you provide the best service to your students and teachers. Quickly refine results with filters and export data to spreadsheets or to a PDF report, to print or email to management. Retrieve the information you need in seconds at any time, from school or from home, or even while you're in the local bookstore.

Cloud-native school library management

it's what you've been looking for


Modern interface, one-click cataloguing, eBooks, digital resources, smart circulation management, standards compliance, intelligent searching choices, attractive and tailorable displays, multiple personalised student portals, lightning fast response times, faceted searching, intuitive navigation, federated searching, innovative ways to compile and publish ePathways to support your curriculum, and integration of your digital library resources with your Learning Management System. Concord Infiniti engages students, enthuses and excites library staff, helps teachers, and wows parents.

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