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Loads of features. All working in harmony. To empower library managers to support students and teachers.


At Concord, all we want to do is empower school library managers help students make a good start with their reading and research, and to support teachers by providing them with access to relevant and timely teaching and learning resources. That’s why we created LibPaths. Library managers creating attractive information portals has never been easier.

Deliver for your students and teachers

LibPaths is a user-friendly information curation tool. Librarians use it to manage content, dynamically share pertinent information, and organise resources specific to various subjects and year levels. This new tool empowers you to quickly curate and publish highly relevant content and edit this content as required. LibPaths will change the way you interface and interact with your students and teachers. Let our expert team show you how simple this can be.


create multiple portals to suit your specific requirements

Create custom portals that meet your specific needs. LibPaths portals are great to curate content geared to specific year levels, subjects, and special interest groups. Manage the user experience by assigning students and teachers to one or multiple portals. The flexible user interface is clean and simple - no need to know how to write code and no need to copy and paste data from Infiniti to LibPaths. 


curate content within each portal to match the audience

Portlets are the answer to ultimate custom curation. These mini windows of information are automatically populated and can be organised in a way that best suits your needs. Flexibility is key so that's why you can move them around or hide them at any point in time. You can even embed them into your learning management system and other web pages. All resources are dynamically retrieved from your Infiniti catalogue by widgets, ensuring minimum management overhead.

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