Information curation made simple.

Manage content and dynamically share information and resources for specific subjects, topics, and year levels. Create and publish study guides, student wellbeing guides, and teaching and learning resources.

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Library Supporting Teaching And Learning

Quickly curate and publish highly relevant content and edit it as required. LibPaths will change the way your library interfaces and interacts with your students and teachers. Let our expert team show you how simple and easy it is to use, and how it can support your blended classroom and online education program.

LibPaths will become a major supporting pillar of your online education program!

Shared Library Of Portals

Free access to, and use of professionally created portals

PortalHub is a shared library of portals professionally designed by Teacher Librarians and aligned to curricula topics.


Browse PortalHub from your LibPaths Editor, import selected portals, edit, disassemble, reassemble, and then publish them according to your specific teaching and learning requirements -

  • or just use them as they were delivered

  • or, even make your own...

Target and time

Audiences see only the portals relevant to them, at the time of the year they are relevant

Set student and teacher target audiences for each portal based on locally defined:

  • subject groups,

  • year groups,

  • extra-curricular groups,

  • co-curricular groups,

  • special interest groups, or

  • individual learning programs


and then schedule their publication dates to synchronise with the teaching calendar. All without writing a line of code!


Embed into your school learning management system or publish to your library portal.


Teaching and learning portals to suit your school's specific requirements

Create interactive information portals that support specific curriculum areas. LibPaths portals are ideal for creating study guides and curating content tailored to specific year levels, subjects, and special interest groups. Manage the experience by assigning students and teachers to one or multiple portals.


Adjust the presentation, drag and drop layouts, schedule publications, and publish to your school learning management system. All without writing a line of code!

Start with a fresh canvas or import a portal from Portal Hub and edit as required.


Device independent

Publish your portals with peace of mind

Portals are automatically 100% responsive - build on a desktop computer and deliver to any mobile or portable device without worrying about how it will display and without the need for a special app.

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