Information curation made simple.

Manage content and dynamically share information and resources for specific subjects, topics, and year levels. Create and publish study guides, student wellbeing guides, and teaching and learning resources.

Deliver for students and teachers

Quickly curate and publish highly relevant content and edit it as required. LibPaths will change the way you interface and interact with your students and teachers. Let our expert team show you how simple and easy it is to use, so it can become a major supporting pillar of your online education program.

LibPaths will become a major supporting pillar of your online education program!


Create portals to suit your specific requirements

Create interactive information portals that support specific curriculum areas. LibPaths portals are ideal for creating study guides and curating content tailored to specific year levels, subjects, and special interest groups. Manage the experience by assigning students and teachers to one or multiple portals.


It allows you to adjust the presentation, drag 'n drop layouts, schedule publications, and publish to your school learning management system all without writing code.

Easy curation

Curate content to match the student audience

Portals are the answer to ultimate custom curation. These "windows of information"

are automatically populated with content dynamically retrieved from your library catalogue or curated from anywhere on the internet. Organise it in a way that best supports your curriculum needs.


The content can be moved around with your mouse, scheduled in sync with your curriculum, targeted at specific students, and archived for reuse in the future. You can even embed it your learning management system and other web pages.

Would your students be more engaged if you could present resources like this?

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