Library Manager


School Librarians have a very special role to play in managing the library to support students, teachers, and the school curriculum.


Infiniti has an optional module LibPaths, a picture-driven search interface specially designed for younger students. PicPAC ensures your students can quickly and easily discover books in your library.


Device independent, PicPAC works across desktop, laptop, iPad, Android, and mobile devices without the need for a special app ensuring your students can readily access your library from anywhere at any time.

Contemporary School Library Functionality


  • physical and digital resources, Z-cataloguing, label printing, reading schemes, bulk update tools, automatic detect/merge duplicate copies, copy cataloguing


  • circulation desk, RFID kiosk/pad (SIP2), self-service, holiday rules, bulk update, offline circulation module, reservations (any copy/all copies)

Searching (OPAC):

  • Google-style searching, junior student search, federated searching, Z39.50, subscription web services, portals, highly tailorable UI

Acquisitions and Subscriptions:

  • suppliers, orders (pre-catalogue), deliveries, back-orders, budgets

Patron Management:

  • automatic borrower import, borrower groups, student rollover, removal


  • partial, full, in parallel, history, live scanning wand


  • catalogue, borrower, circulation, culling, statistics, favourite searches