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...but you knew I’d say that!


When you attempt to explain things to boys in a High School library, you often hear: “Yeah, I knew that!”. High Schoolers will tell you they know exactly what to do, especially their teachers. I mean, teachers need to be ahead of the students, especially in High Schools. So, any time you find a system that’s intuitive and requires little, or no, training – it’s magic!

That’s the Infiniti Library Catalogue!



Teacher Librarian – all boys school

I recently switched our 7 - 12 school library to Infiniti. The change has been a very positive experience. Our students are 'Google babies', and I was looking for the sort of clean, uncluttered and intuitive interface they are accustomed to. Infiniti offers this, and is also 'a bit fun', with a tag cloud and 'top borrower' display. 


Like most, when looking at new solutions for our school, I ended up with a very short list of contenders. To make up my mind, I wrote a top 4 list, and tried not to let the finer technical features and details distract me. 


My top 4 list: 

  1. Patron usability (UX and all the key features present)

  2. Cloud hosted with stable and robust infrastructure

  3. Responsive client services

  4. Flexibility and provision to add custom HTML


I was unwilling to compromise on the first 3 items, and the final item was the decider.

Your list may be quite different! It will depend on your students and the strategic plans you have set for your library. 


Training was flexible and more than adequate - basically an overview of the system with scope for focus in areas of your choice. If you leave a question out by mistake, they are only too happy to come back with instructions via their help portal. Support response time is fast -same day unless you have a complicated problem.


Post-migration, I can tell you that Concord is a company who will literally grow with you. You get the sense that you are indeed building the system 'with them', and that they 'want your input'. In the few months since I signed up, they have already implemented several features based on feedback from myself and other school librarians. There is nothing arrogant or sales-ish about them, which is unusual and refreshing. The level of engagement and service does not drop after you sign on the line! 


Single Sign On is extremely easy to set up in Infiniti, so your students won't need to set up yet another password. Infiniti integrates well with all the main services - OverDrive, ClickView and so on. If you have an unhelpful IT department, you have the option of SIP2 for your eBooks, which Concord amazingly offers for free (I have paid thousands for that extra privilege with another system which I won't name).


You also have unlimited upload space (also amazing compared to what some other vendors charge). 


I have heard from another librarian who recently switched to Infiniti, that RFID and biometric identification work extremely well with Infiniti.

School Librarian VIC

When our school made the decision to change our library management system to Concord Infiniti, we were faced with a small number of challenges.  


These included:

1) Fear of change

The staff who use the library management system were afraid of having to learn how to use a new system. Everyone was very familiar with the previous system and the idea of not knowing how to perform a task in a new library system caused many people great angst.  Fortunately the staff at Concord was at hand to help with training and I have been very happy with how Concord always provide a very prompt response to any queries we send through to the helpdesk system. Also it is significant to note that the new Infiniti library management system is so user friendly that no one on our staff has found it difficult to learn how to use the system. These initial fears were quickly allayed.

2) EQ network restrictions

The only technological difficulties we were faced with were due to the EQ network restrictions.  For example, we had to save our previous library system database to a CD, opposed to being able to place the saved file in a drop box, which would have made it much easier to transition over to using Infiniti.  Even though this was annoying, it was only one little thing that was easily solved when Concord told us to save our file to a CD and send it to them. Some EQ staff were concerned that we were using the CLOUD.  We were not concerned about this as Concord showed us that our school library information was secure because the Concord system met DEET requirements. 

3) Training

We were one of the early EQ schools to move our library system to Infiniti.  At the time, we were unable to conduct on-line training due to EQ network restrictions, however Concord provided our school with a staff member who drove over to our site and trained our staff on the new system. 

Overall, the transition from our old library management system to Infiniti was easily managed. We faced very few problems, and Concord assisted us enormously with the change by providing excellent customer service and always being available to us when we needed them. The Infiniti system is so easy to use that we did not require much extra assistance from them, beyond the initial training. We have been incredibly satisfied with the Infiniti system and also with the service provided by Concord.

School Librarian Queensland

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