Contemporary Functionality


  • physical and digital resources, Z-cataloguing, label printing, reading schemes, bulk update tools, automatically merge duplicates, copy cataloguing


  • circulation desk, RFID kiosk/pad (SIP2), self-service, holiday rules, bulk update, offline circulation module, reservations (any copy/all copies)

Searching (OPAC)

  • Google-style searching, junior student search, federated searching, Z39.50, subscription web services, portals, highly tailorable UI

Acquisitions and Subscriptions

  • suppliers, orders (pre-catalogue), deliveries, back-orders, budgets

Patron Management

  • automatic borrower import, borrower groups, student rollover, removal


  • partial, full, in parallel, history, live scanning wand

Extensive Reporting

  • catalogue, borrower, circulation, culling, statistics, favourite searches


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